I cannot delete my account in the app – how do I do it?

Simply log into the desktop version of the platform on a PC or mobile phone, go to profile, then account settings. This seems to be a restriction of the platform, and we are looking to resolve this in the near future as we feel this should be easy on whatever device or browser you are on – If you have noticed, we added it at the top of our FAQS, rather than somewhere on a distant link under some setting that you would never find – but you can deactivate your account there too, so you cannot be seen, if you want to just take a break.

How do I report content to the admin team?

On the desktop version, go to the offending meme/comment, and click on report post, click on what type, and a moderator or admin will review it.

On the app, to flag content, click on comment, then flag.

How do I block a user?

On the desktop version, click on the user’s profile, then click on ‘block user’

On the app, click their avatar, click on view profile, then click block.

So what kind of site is this?

In a nutshell, it’s a sh!t posting forum, but with the same features, you’d expect from a popular social media platform.

What is Sh!t posting?

According to the Urban Dictionary, it is ‘When you subscribe to a million different sh!tposting ‘motivational/meme/bad joke’ websites and re-share each post. It does however have historical context though, Mozart himself wrote ‘A Musical Joke’ which broke all rules of classical music. The Dada movement from 1916-1923 broke all rules of what the elites called art, and basically, this site is doing the same.

How are you the same as the Dada movement?

We have had issues with a popular social media site with their Community Standards, and when we dug a bit deeper, 90% of violations on their platform are caught by their ai. So in our case, the elite is Social Media, we don’t like their rules, as they seem to be unbending, and feel that humour is being attacked because no one has taught the ai a joke yet. Also, the artists of the 1920s thought their world is absurd. This is 2020/21 – certainly, in the UK and US, we are seeing the same. (is there something wrong in the 20’s in a century?!)

OK, what rules are you breaking?

First off, we are not on ANY social media platform as a group, we have intentionally broken Google SEO on our about us page, the owners of the site know all about design and being ‘on brand’ – and if one hasn’t noticed yet, there is no rhyme or reason on why we have a platypus as our company logo, or why we have chosen a bright pink – the best answer we can give is, that some of these were decided at 2am on a Zoom call……

So I can post anything here as there are no rules?

NO! The platform and apps still have to follow rules on the platforms they are hosted on, therefore we do have Community Standards, these are based on real-world examples, and will be updated if we find that someone has crossed the line, we don’t know what that line is, as that line keeps moving, but rest assured we are sticking to US and UK laws on what is deemed appropriate in good-ish taste.

So who is running this site?

The two owners of the site are CEO’s of Absurdities International, we both have our own businesses, so we know what we are doing in our respective countries, HOWEVER, we are completely subverting everything we know for the sake of art and for humour! One of us web hosts and web designs for a living, and the other produces art pieces and is a dab hand at graphic design. Both of us have nearly 2 decades of business experience behind us, so we really should know better!

I found out that Dada as a movement dissolved itself when it became mainstream, will you do the same?

Put it this way, we are NOT in competition with any other social media company, we don’t have the capital nor the interest to build it as such. If we find we have gone too mainstream and have too many users then all stories that have been made throughout our commenting and the memes/photos that have created those stories will be curated into a post-Absurd Group website which will be hosted at Archive.org!