Community Standards

We should be able to tell the difference between a joke, a quote from a film and actual rules that are broken. Here is a list, this list is not exhaustive AND will get updated, should we find someone has crossed the line. (What line? We’ll know when it’s crossed!) The whole point here is the context within a post or a comment.


Violence and incitement

A quote from Kill Bill is NOT violence, but the direct intention of violence in the real world on here towards members on our platform is an instant ban.

Suicide and self-injury

Any direct references to suicide or self-injury are not tolerated, HOWEVER, if we do find that a member has issues, such as this, and it is a cry for help, we will do all we can to help that group member find the right place to find the help they need. The group member who is experiencing such a crisis will have their account suspended until such time that point they feel safe again in their own mind. We do realise that the last 2 years have been heavy on us – and some people do actually need help. The last thing we want is for your mental health to go down because you are on a social media platform.

Child sexual exploitation, abuse and nudity

We have ZERO tolerance on this. Any post or comment on this site WILL be removed, AND an instant ban. This is a HARD ban. We see absolutely nothing, even remotely, funny about this subject.

Sexual exploitation of adults

No dating, no selling sex on here, whether for yourself or for someone else. There are plenty of other sites on the web for that sort of thing. (That’s what Onlyfans is for). This also will give you an instant ban.

Bullying and harassment

If done in the style of a joke, and is not intended to bully or harass intentionally, this is OK, BUT direct bullying towards members, again, is not tolerated and will give you an instant ban. A quote from a film, or from the use of a gif or meme with the pure intention of getting a laugh is one thing, it is another if you are stalking a member or you are being overly blatant with another member and are making that member uncomfortable.

Human exploitation

Photos of slavery/prostitution or direct comments of these are not permitted on this platform. This will result in an instant ban.

Privacy violations and image privacy rights

Photos of other members or from the general public are not permitted on this site – UNLESS you have the OK from the person/s in the photo and admin. Obviously, if it’s a meme or a sign with several people you have taken please pixelate those people who ARE NOT on this platform. If we find that the photo hasn’t had this done. We reserve the right to remove the post and photo.


Extreme political comments

Political jokes are allowed. But Extremist views from the left or from the right will not be tolerated at all. Calling someone a Nazi is a surefire way of losing your access to this platform. We know the original meaning of the word – when others don’t!

Discussion of other Platforms

While this platform was created due to too many violations of Community Standards from one platform, posting bad comments or posts from groups or sites that you have been in, and are directly having a go at them will not be tolerated here. This also includes promoting groups from competing platforms – there are plenty of other places on the web where that kind of thing can happen!

However, if done in the style of a joke, like weird adverts, or a weird 280 character image from a post on a microblogging site, please use an implied description rather than the name of the platform itself. (Book Of Face is one example)

Hate speech/Abusive Speech

We do not condone hate speech towards gender, sexuality, race, creed, colour, disability or body-shaming. Again, we have zero tolerance on this subject on this platform.

Violent and graphic content

No memes or posts of actual violence or blood, please. The server has a weak stomach!

Adult nudity and sexual activity

We are aware that certain memes can have implied activity, so long as the implication is consensual that is fine. But full-on adult nudity and sexual activity photos are NOT OK. Please look on for that!

Sexual solicitation

Do not try to ask for sexual advances on this site, as said before, there are plenty of sites for that, we would suggest again, but they took all the really good stuff down recently. A good enough Google Search should find what you want. If we find sexual advances or this becomes a dating site – we will remove all members involved.

Problematic Images

Images that have been used in Absurdities Group’s previous incarnations that have had problematic consequences will be removed without question and without notification. We know which images these are, as all the admins have seen the ones that are most problematic maybe not in content, but more so in comments.



Any member spamming the site will be banned instantly. Any Admin using the member’s list for emailing spam will also be banned instantly. We are already covered by the IPO in the UK, therefore we fully understand the laws of Data Protection and GDPR for the UK and EU. (where this site is based).


This site is constantly updated for security patches for both the underlying OS and software. Please be assured that the data that you have provided to us is completely safe.


Intellectual property

Obviously, some memes will have copyrighted material, but as these are covered by the law, then they are OK, however, anything that is protected by IP that isn’t a meme, will be taken down. We prefer not to get sued by Mice!


User requests

If a user requests for something to be edited, taken down, deleted, or their account removed, we will do so without question.

Additional protection of minors

This is an over 18’s platform. Therefore anyone who we think is under the age of 18 will be removed from the platform.

Memes and Content Posted here

Anything that is really funny posted on here, or a joke that has gone so far it deserves to be documented, will be turned into a FUQ (Frequently UnAnswered Questions) – we will anonymise those who have contributed to the joke.

Of course, if it ends up as a FUQ – it could even become a YouTube video to promote the platform. If we turn a FUQ into a video, we will obviously ask those for permission to use their comments.